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Fat Reduction Treatment

Whether it's your thighs or the tops of your arms, most of us have one area of our body that we wish was firmer and more toned.

Whether it's your thighs or the tops of your arms, most of us have one area of our body that we wish was firmer and more toned. Unfortunately, the fat in some areas refuses to go, no matter how many spin classes or push-ups you do. Even slim people have stubborn pockets of fat: bumpy thighs, lumpy buttocks or ‘bat-wing’ triceps to name a few problem areas. The fact is that we are born into this world with a set amount of fat cells and that never changes - even when we pile on weight after a nasty break-up, or slim down for a major milestone or happy event.

The fluctuations we see in our bodies are – amazingly - caused by our fat cells expanding or decreasing in size. All this depends on how much we are eating and drinking, and how much ‘storage’ they’re needing to do as a result. When we lose weight – usually by eating less and moving more - our body burns the fat we’ve stored to provide it with the energy it needs to survive. Sadly, the body isn’t overly picky about where it takes it fat from, so we can end up with stubborn pockets of fat in the least desirable places!  That’s why some people have great-looking abs, but retain fat around their thighs, no matter how much they step, squat, cycle and run. Others may notice toning in their legs, but retain a bit of belly fat no matter how much they’ve strengthened their core. Neither situation is necessarily a bad thing. Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Also, the greatest benefit of a balanced diet and exercise is your health.

If for personal reasons, you put in the effort and you feel really good, but you still want a more toned appearance, New Light Laser and Aesthetics has a fat reduction treatment that can help you with no surgery or downtime.

SculpSure involves a hands-free heat laser belt that uses specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate fat cells in the following areas:

  • upper abdominal area
  • lower abdominal area
  • flanks

People who are best suited for SculpSure have a body mass index of 30 or less. SculpSure is not intended as a weight loss option. SculpSure is usually not the best treatment option for people with obesity.

Sculpsure  uses a laser to heat and damage the fat cells. The SculpSure laser machine is attached to a belt with holders, of which the patient wears in the specific treatment area. It feathers the heat, so the results are more natural and there isn't the risk of dents, dimpling, or sharp demarcations between what is treated and untreated. The holders are attached to the area that is being treated. The number of applicators used is based on the size of the area and ranges from one to four, which makes Sculpsure treatments more customizable than other fat-reduction devices.  The patient feels heat alternated with cooling. The total treatment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, and one treatment is said to remove up to 25% of the fat cells in the area. However, one to three treatments are generally recommended per area to achieve optimal results. 

Because it uses heat rather than cooling, it can potentially stimulate collagen and some individuals note improved skin texture and skin tightening, but keep in mind it is not a skin-tightening treatment and not FDA-cleared or Health Canada approved for these benefits. The applicators allow more customization compared to some other treatments.

 Pre and post treatment instruction - SculpSure

For maximum results, please follow these guidelines:

SculpSure pre-treatment instructions:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment area 7 days before the treatment.
  • Shower or bathe the day of the treatment to prepare your skin for the SculpSure treatment. Your skin must be free of all makeup, lotions, creams and body oils.
  • It’s a good idea to eat a small meal and drink a glass or two of water before your SculpSure treatment.
  • Remove all jewellery and piercings pertinent to the treatment area.
  • If you have very thick hair in the treatment areas please trim or shave the areas at home before your SculpSure treatment. 
  • Be sure to discuss with your provider your medical history and medications you take.

SculpSure post-treatment instructions:

  • Gently massage the area twice a day for 5 - 10 minutes. Massage should be continued until your next treatment or for 12 weeks if you only had one treatment.
  • Staying well hydrated and engaging in light physical activity helps mobilize the disrupted fat for processing through the lymphatic system. We encourage you to drink at least 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and take daily walks or continue with your regular exercise routine. 
  • Avoid taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug pre/post treatment as it may affect your results.
  • You may experience mildly pink or red skin, tenderness or discomfort, swelling, tissue firmness or nodules in the treated areas. These are all expected side effects that usually resolve within a few weeks.
  • Tenderness may occur as early as the day of treatment and can last up to two weeks.
  • If needed, use a cold compress and/or acetaminophen to help relieve the tenderness.
  • You may resume your normal daily activities, including exercise, immediately after your SculpSure treatment. 
  • Contact your physician if you have any concerns about your treatment areas such as increasing tenderness or swelling several days after your treatment, or if you develop blisters, hardened areas or nodules.
  • For inner thigh post treatment, avoid crossing legs until any tenderness has resolved.
  • For submental post treatment, clients should elevate the treatment area on pillows while sleeping.


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